Teachers’ Database: What For?

The problem of education becomes a crucial issue to be addressed at this time. But, certainly can not be on their own. Need togetherness and hard work.
I wonder, where we can start revamping it?

Should we adapt Japan’s way when it was first independent, recording numbers of teachers ? Then, after that what should we do? Somehow, I have not think any further. But, if the data had been collected and updated always, a certain time it will be necessary and useful …

Hmmm …I had a dream, there is a database on the number of all teachers in the districts – districts -the municipality to obtain the total teachers in each province, other than those owned by the government. I think with the development of IT in the outposts of the country, it can be realized.

Maybe it is not that simple. It should be a big expense and many human resources needed to be committed to the duties and responsibilities. Many things can be done if the database actually exists. The problem is, what is most responsible for the development of education in this country willing to make fundamental changes?

Where there is a will, there is a way…


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