Reviewing My Own Book: Biogas dari Limbah Ternak

Title: Biogas Dari Limbah Ternak
Writers: Rika Widya Sukmana & Anny Muljatiningrum
Publisher: Nuansa Cendekia
Year Published: First printing year 2011
City: Bandung
Total page: 158

(Is it a problem reviewing my own book? I don’t think so…:-) )

The book is about alternative energy sources, especially from livestock wastes.  The increasing of population growth, plus the depletion of world oil reserves and problems of fossil fuel emissions will lead to increased demand for energy. This put pressure on every country in the world to seek alternative energy sources.

Various efforts to find alternative energy growth around the world to conserve existing oil reserves at this time. Biogas is one of the alternative energy sources that can be developed because it is very abundant raw materials available.

The book also presents an example of processing of animal waste into biogas. Through step by step, the author gives examples of its operation in one village in Garut, in a practical and not complicated so hopefully easy to understand. Also in Chapter 21, the writers presented the calculation of economical biogas for household scale.

For schools that are close to cattle farms, for example, this book can be one of the reference materials for teachers of Environmental Education (Pendidikan Lingkungan Hidup), because at the end of this book comes with a student activity or student worksheet (Lembar Kerja Siswa). LKS is aiming to produce and study the biogas (methane gas).

All criticisms and suggestions for improvement of this book, can be delivered here.

Finally, we as authors thank infinitely to the publisher for the publication of the book.


2 thoughts on “Reviewing My Own Book: Biogas dari Limbah Ternak

  1. Ass. Ww.
    Bu, apakah bisa dapatkan email anda. Saya Ahmad Rizali dari Pertamina Foundation dan berminat mengajarkan praktek langsung membuat dan menggunakan BioGas di 17 Sekolah Sobat Bumi Champions dan masing2 10 Sekolah Sobat Bumi Binaan. Jika ibu berkenan, kami ajak ibu dan tim menjadi trainer kami khusus Biogas.
    Ahmad Rizali

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